Saturday, January 10, 2009

[Actual Post Date: 10/04/06]

This is an emergency blog!

Emergency because I have spent no time on proofreading, or waiting to publish. I believe it is necessary to make a statement regarding comments.

First off, I want to tell all people and organizations that if your comments are to promote a product, your management will be certain to hear from me. How insensitive are you to use this site as a tool to promote your likely worthless product!? This situation that I am dealing with is VERY REAL. You are sick, demented, and shallow to use something that is this serious to promote your product. Your management will hear from me.

Secondly, I must tell all of my real readers that if you want to condemn or comment on me making the choice to be with this girl in the first place, I would like for you to understand this: You are right, ok? I made a poor choice, no matter what. It serves absolutely no purpose, certainly not in regards to the purpose of this site whatsoever, to remark at all about my poor choice. Hind-site is always 20/20. It is irrelevant to talk about any of my poor choice in giving this woman a chance to be a part of my life, and redeem her own personal shortcomings. NOTHING is gained when you tell me how wrong I was to get with her. I already know this. It is obvious.

The purpose of this blog is for the now and the future, NOT yesterday. Keep in mind that it is pointless to do any criticisms in respects to involving myself with her at the start. Know that this does not do anything, and that I will only respond to you by saying re-read this article (officially blog4) I am writing now.

Nobody in my friends circle or family members for that matter wanted me to be with her. NOBODY supported my decision to be with her. NOBODY. I made this choice and mistake all by myself. Please don't point out the obvious. It progresses nothing. Thank you.



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