Friday, January 09, 2009

[Actual Post Date: 10/05/06]

I think it is time for a more upbeat article. I have an arsenal of negativity and could spend a great deal of time unloading it. But as a new friend pointed out, if I'm not wise and careful, it could kill me slowly. She is correct.

But I must make sure that I play both sides of the field; the positive as well as the negative. I appreciate a solid balance, and realize that it is a good choice for the purposes of this blog to have that approach. So I would like to let you know about one of the greatest things I think I have ever done. This is a very recent and current incident that I am very proud of.

To protect those involved, I will change their names. The first lady friend of mine, who I will call 'Doll Face' is sixteen and about four months pregnant (I'm not the daddy, just so you know:)). I know her parents quite well, and knew her before she got pregnant. In fact, to give a timeline, she got pregnant about one month after my baby momma did.

She and I have had a lot of time to know each other, and have progressed to the point where we can share very personal issues. I care about her a great deal, as she is a younger sister that I never had. She views me as an older brother that she never had.

But about two months into the pregnancy, and for many reasons that I don't need too mention, she came to me about termination of the baby. Ostensibly, it was hard for me not to blow up on her with that idea. Her reasoning was both mature and lucid. But I told her to hang on for a second, while I call a friend.

This friend is a longtime friend who I will call, 'Sweetness'. She, for many unnecessary reasons to mention, did not want to conceive a child from her womb. But vehemently in favor of being a mother, and desperately researching the idea of adoption. So I called Sweetness and let her know of Doll Face's situation.

Sweetness was overjoyed with excitement, and wanted to meet Doll Face immediately. Within an hour, my two friends met for the first time. And since that meeting, Sweetness has acquired temporary guardianship of Doll Face and Doll Face has agreed to let Sweetness have full custody of her baby to be.

I actually just saw the both of them together last night, and it always makes me feel good that I brought these two together. They both had a tough issue that needed resolution, and I acted like a matchmaker. These two, from both of their accounts, are hitting it off well and have discovered many similar traits with one another. I feel that I have saved a life and helped someone acquire life. This, I believe, is one of the best things that I have ever done.


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