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[Actual Post Date: 10/11/06]

Now that I have given you a starting sample of what I am about, trying to do, and a small dose of personal accomplishment, I think it is time to get the ball rolling with my prime directive so as to reinforce the mission statement on the top of the page of this blog.

I believe that so far, I haven't really driven home the idea why I am so inspired to do this. Why that the only reason that I saved my money for two months, bought a computer, got online, and have been entirely focused on the creation of a blog page. And if all that is mentioned up to this point is not good enough to convince you of my inspiration in my mission, here is yet more data that should inspire encouragement. And not just that, but why I feel I will be a better parent to my child as opposed to the mother. That full custody must be deployed. That if I don't, I will be in great fear of the mother's child-rearing tactics, and so should society for that matter.

I have decided, after this time of a blog entry drought, that the best showing of this idea is in showing the soon to be mother and father highlights. The pro's and con's of the both of us, and let you, the reader, be the judge and decide who is the better parent:

Dad; Positive Attributes:

-- Work 40 plus hours; also do side work.

-- Live where I work; secure in employment.

-- Possible (3) on-site babysitters.

-- Daycare center immediately adjacent to my workplace; prestigious hospital just across the street.

-- My bed time is usually 10-11pm; installed disciplined schedule.

-- Awake from sleep no later than 7am; no alarm clock needed, 'natural' riser.

-- My job requires me to be ready at a moment's notice. Like a doctor, I am engineered to be on-call 24 hours a day. A solitary baby cry will wake me up.

-- Profound solid upbringing; principles, morals and right from wrong installed. Believe it or not, I am the most honary of all my immediate family members.

-- Willing to give up all future hopes and dreams for the child's interest. The child's interest will now be my interest.

-- Clean physically; no std's or health conditions and have proof. Also have health and dental care.

-- Child will receive strong educational background. I honestly never received all A's, but the discipline to learn was overwhelmingly installed and I am never short of total effort. Also, all other family members are college graduates.

-- Can be employed nearly anywhere; never applied for unemployment.

-- Family members are raising and are potently experienced in raising children. Any question I may have is just a phone call away.

-- Been pro-active since learning I could be a father. Made no attempt to run from this responsibility.

-- Writing journal to unborn child to give the child the actual story of the mother and I.

-- Will install religious principles.

-- Child will learn strong work ethic--earning things in life.

-- Lack of criminal history.

-- Have small army of character witnesses.

-- Repeatedly asked mother to work together as a team on this issue; she refused, and even stated she wanted to do this the hard way.

Mother; Positive Attributes:

-- Currently states that she is in school to be a cosmetology teacher.

-- Has a very big family that can care for the child.

-- Has two children already (I can't help but to mention that her mother has raised these girls up to this point, so we are not that far apart in actual hands-on experience).

-- Clean physically; no std's or health conditions. Believed to have medical and dental insurance.

-- Frugal with money.

-- Has gotten many A's in school. Have seen proof.

-- Family members who are raising and are potently experienced in raising children. Any question she has is just a phone call away.

-- Possibly will install religious principles, or have her mother do it.

-- With a partner who has raised children of his own.

-- Can use quality judgment against even very great odds.

-- Has sufficient work ethic when employed.

Father; Negative Attributes:

-- Have no children.

-- Can be quite stubborn. I believe in profound proof.

-- Can be moody.

-- Not a monetary wizard.

-- Not good with too much change (this event however, is worthy too have change).

-- Raise voice when pushed too hard (actively sedating this).

Mother; Negative Attributes:

-- Advanced flirtation: Once we were at a club and she flirted with a guy right in front of me. Later says he was a cousin.

-- Lies: Lied about her marital status on day one. She also clearly broke a glass full of vodka, then vehemently denies it and acts as if she doesn't know anything about it immediately after it occurred.

-- Blameless: The time she trashed my apartment while I went out to get her food. Says that is was my fault that she did it. Also loves to raise voice, cutting you off in the middle of your sentences and hanging the phone up on you; especially when you are on the verge of proving her wrong. Early on I did have to request she treats me better when in public.

-- Sexually deviant: Admitted to then husband that she received oral sex in his house. Also wanted to break up for a day to have sex with another man, then get back together afterwards because we were 120 miles away from each other. Deliberately messed with me about being curious about sex with another woman. She has also cheated on every man in the past decade; has admitted to cheating on me with current boyfriend. She has admitted to liking the 'fight then fuck' scenario.

-- Violent tendencies: The time she stuck a knife to my heart, after I repeatedly told her that the 'playing around' was over. She did this in front of her then six year-old daughter. Admitted to enjoying being physically abusive towards me. Early on, used to smack me, then rationalizes that a real man wouldn't complain; ended up bloodying my lower lip. Once admitted that I was her 'favorite' beat-up toy.

-- Judgmental: Criticized the way I sit; criticized the way I drive. Admits she will blame all baby defects on me. Tells me that I have to dissolve relations with female friends, and makes this an ultimatum; later retracts. Also, the truth is the truth according to her.

-- Untrustworthy with given information: I opened up about the truth of my birth parents. This was used against me in the very next argument.

-- Slanderous: Called me just a sperm donor. Assumed I would be a dead-beat. Many times said how she hates me.

-- Lack of team-work: Threatened to run away with baby and that I would never know where she or the baby was. Admitted to knowingly push me away whenever she felt we were getting closer.

-- Sting operative motive: Refused to telling me (after asking FIVE TIMES) when, where and what time her initial doctor's visit was; then a few days after the visit, tells me that a real man would have been there. She is never totally definitive; so as to keep you in the dark as to what she really feels.

-- Demanding: Told me flat out that she wants to do all of this the hard way. Admitted to enjoying having total control of a relationship, and even proposed for me to let her have it.

-- Criminal history: Has a large one; was arrested within the past year and spent jail time. Stole 40 dollars from my wallet and vehemently swore that she was not a thief and how dare I accuse her. A few days later, she admits to finding money in her skirt. She also stole my favorite Christmas picture of us, then denies it.

-- Sociopathic: Took a full year before she understood how much it hurt me by lying about her marital status. Once recorded her and her x-husband having sex on my voicemail, then said it was an accident. Told me to tell my lawyers that they can fuck themselves and told me I can tell them she said so. Above doing the right thing, vindication is mostly her solution. She also has shown a pattern of doing wrong first, then attempting to do right only when you point it out to her.

-- Death-bed conscience: Admitted that I was the best man to ever walk into her life.

This is just what I have for now. I will, from time to time update and republish this blog, so be sure to check for these updates from time to time.



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