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[Actual Post Date: 12/02/06]

I realize that it's been a while since I've written a post. I've been very busy trying to get a lawyer, and researching the law in respects to custody and all that goes with it. What I was happy to get, and much thanks to the criminal public records department, is case numbers for thirteen crimes commited by the baby-momma. I'll try to remember as much as I can as to how she explained them to me.

With a friend's advice, I've also changed my reference term from "baby-momma" to "the oven". I've decided that the main theme is more important than my ill feelings towards the mother: Our baby.


Count 01: Domestic Battery/Physical Contact; Class A Misdemeanor

This particular offense is one that says a lot to me. It wasn't just battery, it was battery on her OWN MOTHER. According to the docket information, "Defendant to have NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER with ******** *********."

We are talking here about a woman who already has two girls. Granted, at this current time and the last that I've heard, the oven is making plans to have these two girls move in the home along with her new boyfriend. These girls have been raised, for at least the past three years at the least by grandma, and now their mother will finally raise them like she should have all along.
But will these girls have a developed, life-long profound level of animosity, that they will end up doing the same thing to their mother? And will the child we have, should mom have custody, end up doing the same thing?

In March of 1999, the docket ends with saying that the "Court finds that the People have not proven their case".


Count 01: Resist/Obstruct peace officer
Count 02: False report of offense

This docket talks about how "The Court notes Defendant is currently on 12 mos. Conditional Discharge in 97 ** **** for domestic battery."

In October of 1998, the oven tenders a plea of 'guilty' to disorderly conduct as set forth in Count 02. This plea was accepted by the court, and the oven spent two days in jail with no time served. Apparently, "On People's motion, Count 01 is dismissed."

Count 01: Forcible Entry & Detainer

This charge is evidentally submitted by the Housing Authority. I had no idea about this one, but apparently it talks about her being evicted from a residence.


Count 01: Resisting/ Obstructing Police Officer

It looks like a warrant was issued in March of 2000 for her arrest. But, as is the pattern, all charges were dismissed by July of 2001.

Count 01: Driver's License Expired 6 Months or Less

I was never told about this one. But if I remember correctly, she has never had a license. And if I'm still correct, she still doesn't have one. She pled guilty, and was found responsible for fines and costs.


Count 01: Operate Uninsured Motor Vehicle

And yes, charges dismissed. Pretty girl fools the system yet again.


Count 01: Domestic battery/ contact/ prior
Count 02: Battery/ makes physical contact

Now, if I remember what she told me about this one, this is an attack on her first borns' father, who she abandoned at the alter. I'm not sure exactly, but I think this was her revenge for him breaking her jaw (of which I now know likely why he did it, and have a hard time personally blaming him for it); so she retaliated and got him back. I don't know his last name, so I'm not able to pull up his information, but I assume he had charges pressed on him too. But this is her second domestic battery charge.

In May of 2000, there is an appearance of the States Attorney on her behalf. By July, "Motion by the State to dismiss. No objection by the defendant. Motion is allowed. The indictment and each count thereof is dismissed and nolle pross'ed"; which means dismissed. I compared the file date and the offense date, and it seems that she spent three days in jail for this one.

---05/10/02 Count 01: Criminal Trespass to Land

A warrant was issued on 06/20/02. And apparently, this warrant was never served. Hence, the oven seems to still be wanted by the law. Granted it was almost five years ago, but this made me jump for joy. Regardless of whether the city cares to issue this warrant or not, the judge is GUARANTEED to learn of this one. There's another ace in my pocket.

--- 09/17/02

Count 01: Possession Amount of Controlled Substance (Except A/D) Class 4 felony

In October of 2002, a warrant for her arrest was issued with a bail set in the amount of $25,000. In November, she pleas not guilty and requests a trial by jury. Exactly thirty days later, she changes her plea to guilty of "unlawful possession of a controlled substance, a class 4 felony".

If I remember what she told me of this one, it was that she was hanging out with a dealer (no sex involved), and he got busted with her in the house. So basically, to some degree, she "ratted" him out, and escaped jail time. According to the docket, she was sentenced to 48 days in the county correctional facility, but was given credit for 48 days and given 24 months worth of probation.

On this same docket, in October of 2004, a probation violation report was placed on file. In April of 2005, another violation of probation was placed on file and the next day a warrant was issued for her arrest. 23 days later, she appears in custody to the court. By early November, an order of discharge from probation is entered.

I really wish that I could understand these dockets/legal data much better, because I think I'm probably leaving out a lot. But I am trying to learn, and by all means when she and I stand before the judge on this custody issue, the judge will be thoroughly briefed by my lawyer on these past offenses.

--- 11/06/02

Count 01: Driver's License Expired 6 Months or Less

Fines: $75.

--- 11/06/02

Count 01: Operate Uninsured Motor Vehicle

No suprise; just as I've found her to be: a repeat offender. And her state judiciary system is a joke. Fines and cost and that's it. Pretty girls with a cute body and ass do not deserve to be held accountable for their criminal behavior. Have a nice day!

--- 10/09/04

Count 1: Domestic Battery/ Contact/ Prior

In December of 2004, a warrant was issued for her arrest for this matter with a bond set at $5,000. This also had an appearance by the State's Attorney. In September of 2005, "On motion of the state this cause is ordered dismissed and stricken."

This domestic battery was her attack on the only man she ever married. A good guy who I actually met, but the details of this case for some reason, is quite hazy. I'm not exactly sure how it all went down, but I think that he ended up dropping the charges.

--- 04/07/05

Count 01: Knowingly damage property<$300 Count 02: Knowingly damage property<$300
It appears that she was in jail for this one for a period of 13 days. But again, "On motion by the People, with no objection by defendant, this cause is dismissed and nolle pross'ed. Bond, if any, is discharged."

I had no idea about this incident. If she did tell me, I definitely don't remember it.

Now these above are the only charges that I could find. But I'm positive that there is at least one more: Unknown. It is unknown because she refused to tell me what it was about, and that she just wanted me to bail her out; this also occured just this past year. I know that she was in jail for at least a week, and was desperate to get out. She hates jail, but it's amazing how I have concluded that she belongs there.

This is who the oven is. This is someone who I made a poor choice to interact with, and now that she is carrying my child, I'm sick with myself that I ever got involved with her at all. ANY WOMAN ON EARTH THAT TELLS ME THEY WILL "SNAIL-MAIL" ME AN ABORTED FETUS WILL SUFFER THIS SAME FATE.

I am shocked by the surplus of dismissals issued by this state's judiciary system. This woman is not an explosion waiting to detonate? This woman is a "fit" mother to already two girls? This woman deserves to be totally admonished of consequences in respects to her multiple disregard of legal authority, commits multiple counts of battery, and has by her own mother's words, medical documents that support my assessment of the mother's psychological behavoir? What kind of judge will allow her full custody?

And just so you know, my last run-in with breaking the law was disobeying a traffic sign, and a seat-belt violation about three years ago.



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