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[Actual Post Date: 2/26/07]

I cannot believe that I am writing another blog. For some reason, I thought I would only write 10 articles, as not much more would inspire more. But with some recent events, I don't have any choice.

My daughter was born on February 20th, 2007 around 2pm. I was intially told by the momma that she was born on the 15th of February, around 8am. Momma was just looking for some kind of reaction when she lied to me around midnight on the 16th. She admitted that she lied on the 23rd of February, also around midnight.

I cannot stop being amazed by the mother's lack of truth-telling, as well as disregard for doing the right thing first. I am constantly amazed how lying about something this serious has her feeling as though it is no big deal.

Through the course of our several-hour conversation on the night of the 16th, momma reveals that she does not in fact know me. Astounding. You date somebody for a year-and-a-half, and finally decide that you don't know them. You spent all this time telling them how much you love them; yet you don't know them. The lies will never stop with her; and what a class "A" sick person you are for making a man believe that you did.

On the night of the 23rd, when she revealed that she had lied about the baby's birth, she also told me some other things. She came clean that she is now aware that she has lied many times to me throughout our relationship, and admits to not knowing why she did this to me. I bit my tongue as she made another 'gifted' attempt at self-exonneration: that she treated me the way that she did because she thought that I wanted a party girl, and felt that if she would remain a party girl, that I wouldn't give up on her or us.

This is beyond sick and stupid, and just another sociopathic angle she is making to exonnerate herself from the wrong she did to me. She knows I have a consistent schedule. She knows that I get up every morning, on the weekend or not, no later than 7am. She knows that I go to sleep everynight before 11pm. She knows that my intention was for us to be married and to settle down. There are virtually no times when I wanted to go and 'kick-it' with my friends at a club.

This is her latest attempt at lying to herself, which is more dangerous than lying to others.
Have I not made this clear enough about the mother? What kind of judge can believe this woman's degree of maturity, as well as willingness to tell the truth and be a good mother?

Momma, you have just shown and proven how much of a liar you are, and how far you will take your lies to get people to believe you. You have just shown the quintessential stripper mentality by trying to 'write off' your ill treatment towards me. And if you think I will sit and do nothing to stop you from having full custody, you have another thing coming. And by the time this trial is over, you will definitively know who I am.



Anonymous Michael Spence said...

As a man with a daughter of my own I have really connected with your story. And while you are in a bad situation and have been treated like utter crap by an absolute psycho there is a seperate but related issue.

You are a father now. And as one father to another, your child has to be your top priority. Now don't get me wrong, I understand that there is not a lot you can do right now, but you owe it to yourself and to your child to at least *try* to get this women to give you partial (if not full) custody. And it sounds to me like she *knows* you would make a better parent.

I mean think about it. You know what this psycho woman has done to you, do you really want to let her have the power of life and death over your own flesh and blood? Can you imagine the horror that being raised by this woman would be? DON'T LET IT HAPPEN!

1:30 PM  
Blogger xenosapien said...

I left you a return comment on my website, Babies As Weapons, Michael. It is a reply to your statement here.


5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are one bitter SOB. I can't imagine you having a stable relationship, and if you do I can't imagine the venom you'll spew on your first fight. Please don;t have kids...anymore. I'll pay for the vasectomy.

9:02 AM  
Blogger xenosapien said...

How pleasant of you to say, anonymous. I can see that you back the psycho-momma.

Well, when you are told your child is dead for two weeks when she isn't, be sure to tell me how you feel.

I have since found a real woman who knows how to treat a man. Momma was a fake; likely similar to you. Want her number? You two would work out great.


4:32 AM  
Anonymous Junbabe14 said...

Hi xenosapien

I came to read your blog after hearing from you on BP. I also read the comments..while I agree with Michael I do not agree with Anonymous.

As the mother of children with fathers that could give a rat's end about the well-being of their children I think you should be commended for your efforts. I in fact believe that you are a rare bred. That is probably why anonymous wrote what he/she did because you are in fact rare and many do not know how to handle your taking issues with "momma".

I have never told my children's biological father that they were dead or not theirs or any of the other nonsense that you had to contend with and I believe it is so sad to put an innocent child in the mix of all of that rage and bitterness. With me, if they choose not to be a part of their son's lives, I just moved on and did what I could to as their mother.

What I do suggest is to find out if you live in a telephone taping state (not sure what the correct name is) because every state does not allowing the taping of telephone conversations without the acknowledgement of the other party and some states do not permit it as evidence in court. However, if it is allowed in your state the next time you have verbal communication with "momma" you can record it to have verifiable proof of all of the idiosyncrasies that she is garnering towards you.

However, be warned this child needs BOTH of you and while you may still have to indulge yourself in the irrational behaviours of your ex you should remain undaunted. Also remember that while you may be a pawn in her game as this child grows "momma's" focus will begin to turn on her and she may start to receive the brunt of her attacks..avoidance of that is critical.

The court system is changing and they are now listening to the keep your head up and become positive.

Have you considered becoming a role model for those children that do not have the fathers that want to participate in their lives? Maybe even becoming the role model for those people that believe that such a thing as a good and stable man with love of their newborn child went out with Moses and the Ten Commandments.

Just harbor your anger in other areas and do not let it continue to fester..remember resist the devil and he WILL flee

Much love to you and many, many blessings on your continued quest for justice.

6:17 PM  

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